Development Period Of Kids From 0 To 1 Year Old

For parents, having a new born baby is the biggest news in life. However, along with new born baby, we have new born parents which means there are a lot of things that parents do not know and understand about the development of children for each period of time.

In usual, new parents tent to learn about the methods to rise and take care of there kids from the gestation period and apply when have baby. In this post I want to share with you the essential and most important knowledge about the development period for the first year of a baby, hope my sharings are useful for you.

Physical Development

In the first year of a baby, there are 4 development period that parents need to know about:

From 0 to 3 months old: In this first period, the baby can lift his head on, turn his face to different direction and follow other’s movements.

From 4 to 6 months old: In the second development period, the baby can lift the head easily, move the shoulder, and have the increase in weight.

From 6 to 9 months old: In this period, baby can easily lift their head, shoulder, and start to turn their whole body. In this period, you can see the changes of physical side of the baby easier than other period, from starting to crawl, talking, etc.

From 9 to 12 months old: This is the period that baby complete their abilities and they can move to wherever they want in the house.

Mental And Social Interaction Development

As the nature of learning a language, the first thing is listening, during day by day listen to the adult’s conversation, kids can learn words and its meaning, then use them to express their ideas.

In the first period of physical development, baby just only making sound by crying, from 3 to 6 months old, there are some single letter, and to the next period, from 6 to 9 months old, they can start to understand some single words and learn to takl those word as well.

For the development of mental and communications of the first year old baby, I also devide into 4 periods, the same with the development period of physical side.

Mental development: For the mental development, it is the effects of time and people around the baby take the biggest one.

For the 0-3 months old: even the new born baby know what they need at the first palce when they are hungry, they are cry for asking to be feed and using hand to automatically feeding themshelves when they are hungry.

There are the researches to identify the meaning of children crying sounds and identify when they are asking for food. For this period, they spend most of time for sleeping, but when they are awake they usually play by themshelves by holding things or play with their hand and feet.

In addition, in the first 3 months, new born baby can express their mood by some simple ways such as cry when angry or hungry, recognige mom,etc.

4 to 6 months old: In this period, babies can play and recognize some familiar toys of them such as a doll or follow the sound of music and feel comfortable when stay around with parents and relatives.

7 to 9 months: In this time, kids start to teethe, so they want to bite hard objects, so you need to carefully to remove dangerous stuf around them. Starting to ask for players and friends, follow the movement of toy and new things.

10 to 12 months old: In this period, you need to train your kid to start to eat by themshelves, it is easier because in this time, kids want to do things by themshelves and it also help to develop the ability to use hand and holding things for your kid.

You can use the baby water bottle to help them to drink milk without your help. You need to careully express your mood and actions in the right way because this is the time that kids start to learn to react things.

Development Period Of Kids From 0 To 1 Year Old (Cont)

There are many ways to device the development period of a baby in the first year, as the previous post, I choose the way to devide the first year into 4 period which are 0 to 3 months old, 4 to 6 months old, 7 to 9 months old, and last one is 10 to 12 months old.

In this post, I want to not only contunue the previous topic but also introduce for you some other ways to devide new born baby development period.

Mental And Social Development (Cont)

For the mental development, I was mention the change of a baby through time in some fields such as taking care themshelves, playing, and receptive ability. To continue, I will talk about the growth of social and communication recognization of baby in the first year.

0 to 3 months old: In the field of language communication, the new born baby just can cry or make some single sound to expres their mood such as scare, angry or hungry, etc. and they also can smile or laugh out lound for some time. It is like the auto reaction in the case that you smile on them and make them smile as well after that.

4 to 6 months old: In this period, the baby can make cleare sound, sometime we call it as talking by themshelves. However, they still can not recognize the differences of language as well as the meaning. In this time, babies also can recognize the relative and they also can feel scare if around full of stranger.

7 to 9 months old: Kids in this period start to know the different of sound and can know if you call them. They also can start to use word to express their opinion, the most common one is ‘no’ or call for mother. They love to watching people doing things and then start to copy and fix characteristics. They also can express their love with people around and start to know who are the relative and strangers.

10 to 12 months old: in this time, babies can understand almost the words you talk to them and can perform some simple action such as walking and eating in order. You can understand their characteristics easier through their love and prefer toys.

Other Classification About Under 1 Year Old Baby Development Periods.

There are another way to devide the development periods of a baby to 1 year old, from infant, baby, toddle, etc. for the time classification, there can be 1 month, 2-month old, 3-month old, 4-6 months old, 7 to 9-month old and 10 to 12-month old

For the infant baby, all of the reaction of those kid are natural reflexs to the new world, from crying when hungry, looking for breast-milk are the natural.

They can not communicate with people around by words, just only crying and make some meaningless sound to get the attention of people. Visual acuity of infant is not good, they can see thing in the radius from 25 to 30 cm.

For the baby from 1 to 6 months old, you can see the development in all field from physical, mental and communication reaction to other things around. From the sixth month, baby can sit by themshelves without any helps and start to able holding things.

Their movements are more flexible and accuracy so that you can get a lot of trouble when change their clothes and diaper. Babies start to discover their voice and practice to talk some single words. So that, in this period, you should talk with them a lot to help them can talk the clear words faster.

In this time, it is a big mistake if you do not let your kids go to swim, it is not only because of the effect of swimming to the physical  development of you kids but also help your kids to use their hand and feet more accuracy.

In 2 last months of the first year, kids can start to stand on their feet without any help, they also can spell clearly some single words such as dad or mom. Some of them can talk clearer than others, but it is not a big deal, at the age of 3, they can talk the same.

How To Choose Clothes For Infant?

When baby was born, you are feel happy. But you don’t know how to choose clothes for them to have the best feelings. And now we will help you choose clothes for children when you have an infant.

How To Choose Clothes For Your Children

Choosing and wearing clothes for infant is so important that parent should pay attention in the process of taking care for your children.

Clothes is suitable, it not only help children comfortable, but also bring a safe feelings for your infant. The methods of wearing, the way to washing and arrange clothes for your children need to comply some individual regulation.


Clothes for your infant must be easy to wear and must bring a comfortable feeling for your children. Cotton is the best material for your infant, cotton will take much sweat that is better than synthetic. The natural fiber is not also irritate for the skin of your children.

Avoid choosing wool; feathers by child can encounter dangerous inhalation of wool coat.


Bright colors, funny picture will make your baby more lovely look. Above all, children should not wear expensive clothes, partly because of economic problems, partly as parents should educate children frugality from baby clothes to wear on him.


Infants grow very fast. In the early years, children have not been consciously formed their fussy toys, but parents still have to change pants, shirt for children, because children grow quickly and can see clearly. Father, mother of the baby will have to consider a reasonable shopping for the baby, so she wore just enough, not wasteful.

During this period, parents should also implement ways to apply for old clothes. Reusing clothes, old clothes for children there is nothing bad. This Luc, the fabric has been used by, usually soft and easy to wear than the new clothes. Many parents have done this one way. Just solve the economic problems; just help her not feel uncomfortable when being garments rubbed into him.

Choose Appropriate Clothing:

Besides paying attention to the material, parents should also pay attention to their child’s physique. Do not choose the clothes too small, too close bunch took her body, thus making movement difficult and baby clothing will rub on baby’s skin, causing swelling, red rash.

Avoid choosing pullovers, because this shirt often crying and fatigue, it is best to select blouses (buttoned up under the armpits), buttoned or buttons pressed. Do not choose the neck blouse with attached ribbons, or decorative wires, as they can bundle the baby suffocated.

The Note When Choosing Clothes For Children

Clothing is an essential items for young children. However, when the information about poor quality clothes, containing toxic substances appear on a lot, while the market selling goods spill of unknown origin, the parents have to choose how to our child? Please tell some secret small children choose clothes following.

When buying clothes, should first sniff. Good fabric often lightly scented, non-irritating smell. Normally if the clothes by fabric with chemical treatment always remains residual substances and cause unusual pungent odor.

View component indicators, it is best to choose 100% cotton. Due to immature young skin, or sweating again, should be dressed with natural materials, ensuring fresh air.

However, parents should pay attention, do not be too confident in the words “100% cotton” on the label clothes, which have tested the hand, look really soft fabric and the fabric is not wrinkled when the jar lightly not. Besides, children should not wear clothes with fur because this material is not secretly sweat, easy to affect children’s respiratory tract.

Do not choose too flashy clothes or print multiple complex because levels of formaldehyde in clothes always exceeds the permitted norm, harm the health of children.

Choose toys with primary colors, as light as possible, because the dark color will fade when washing occasionally or when the child sweating. In the course of use, if the color fades, it’s best not to give the child even further.

For young children, the main function of clothing is to keep warm, so parents should avoid dresses with too many frills ornaments. Should choose size marginally better than the child’s stature, not too tight clothes in person, difficult hygiene, has affected the normal physical development of the child. Finally, choose the reputable brand and good quality assessment.

5 Ingredients Help To Ameliorate The Lacking Of Mother Milk In The Irst 3 Months After Giving Birth

5424_HeroAfter giving birth for  a new life, the most common and biggest issue that all mothers want to solve is the lacking of mother milk, especially in the first 6 months. There are a lot of reasons lead thot he situation of lacking mothe milk such as stress, daily diet, etc. to solve this problem, the daily diet is the most common and useful and safe way to deal with.

Some traditional dishes such as pig legs stew or soup, papaya stew with meat, etc. make you feel boring when you have to eat one kind of food day by day for months. The below list are some of the ingredient that help you to have more mother milk for your baby


The outside layer of banana can help to develop the milk glands and solve the lacking of milk problems. You should choose the banana which have big size, round shape, and the shell is sightly scabrous. You should base on those characteristics to choose the right type of banana, help you to ‘call back’ the milk for your kid


It may be not the familiar ingredient in the kitchen but in fact, it is the safist cooking ingredient in the kitchen which help to make more mother milk in the most nature way. Many people think that eating too much figs can cause constipation, but the truth is that figs is the laxative dish that nature give us.

This fruit is full of all kind of nutrient, in each 100 gr of figs, there are 1 gr of protein, 0.4 gr of vegetable fat, 12.6 gr sugar, 49 mg Ca, 23 mg P, 0.4 mg Fe, 0.05mg caroten, 12.3 gr of non protein derivative, and 3.1 gr of full minerals. You can add figs into the soup, cook with meat, making salad or just boil it, it is very useful for pregnant women to get more milk.

Melon Fruit

This is the common type of vegetable in the kitchen but not much people know that it is used to help pregnant women to get more nature milk. As the Asian methos, the melon fruit is the ingredient with mild characteristic, having a lot of nutrient and very useful in clearing the milk ducts of pregnant women and blood circulation in normal people.

You should drink the melon fruit soup, or you just need to boil the melon fruit and drink the boiling water after giving birth, you will not need to worry about lacking milk for your kids.


Every inch of lotus is valuable, from the flower, leaves, body to the root, all of them are edible. For the pregnant women, the body and root of lotus is the best part which contain a lot of nutrient helping to reduce the heat inside, clean blood, aid digestion, and most important is develop the ducts. In addition, the lotus is easy to cook and use in different dishes, help you to not boring and have better appetite in the breastfeeding period


This is the ingredient that you can find in the Asian store, especially in the Korea food store. Containing a lot of nutrients such as protein, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins, seaweed is the good ingredient that you can use to make soup easily.

In addition, in the seaweed, there are various kind of vitamin such as vitamin A (10 times in butter), vitamin B2 (7 times more eggs), vitamin C, E (many times higher in vegetables) help you to have enough nutrient in the breastfeeding period but still keep your body in shape.

Suggested Snacks For Pregnant Women

 In the pregnant period, mother have to pay full attention about the daily diet to not ensure that they provide enough nutrient for the baby but also do not harm for them as well. I

n the pregnancy period, the women usually like to eat the  food that maybe in general, they do not eat, and they can eat for the whole day too. So that, you need to prepare some snacks in the fridge to make sure that they can find it easily.

In the list below are some kind of snacks which is not only delicious but also good for pregnant women.


In all the kind of snack, yoghurt is the most safety, easy to eat and providing the most necessay nutrient snack. With high level of nutrients, youghurt provide the calcium for the pregnant women in this time and also providing enough calcium for the baby for healthy development.

In addition, youghurt contain a lot of different vitamin, help the pregnant women to reduce  fatigue. In additon, during the pregnant period, the body temperature of women is higher than usual and lead to the constipation, eating yoghurt each day can help to solve this problem.

However,, eating too much yoghurt is not a good things, so you should eat 1 to 2 boxes per day in the day time, avoiding eating yoghurt in night time because it is not good for your health.

Fresh Fruit

Of course that we can not forget the role of fresh fruit in daily life, especially or the pregnant women. As the result of many researches, pregnant women should eat at least 200 gr of fresh fruit each day, avoiding to each the fruit with high level of sugar such as water melon, chili, etc.

Because it can cause overweight, and diabetes in the pregnant period. You should eat mroe organic fruit which are rich in vitamin such as vitamin C (such as grapefruit, orange, apple, etc.), folic acid (apricot, peach) and put in the daily menu.


In nuts, there are a lot of nutrient and micronutrients for human body. In the market, you can easily find dry nuts in the supermarket and eat as snacks for the pregnant women.

However, dried nuts usually contain a lot of high-fat, high calories and make the full felling, so you need to pay attention and should not eat too much of dried nuts one time. You can eat sandwich with peanut butter for the breakfast and luch but should not eat at the dinner and night time, because it causes the full felling of stomach and hard to go to sleep.

Apple And Cheese

Apple is very good for not only pregnant women but also for the baby because apple contains a lot of insoluble fiber help to prevent constipation, the soluble fiber is help to reduce the cholesterol in blood, which most of pregnant women get trouble about. Beside, a small pieces of cheese after apple can help to soluble vitamin in apple faster.